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10 P-Square Songs and Where They were Sampled from


10 P-Square Songs and Where They were Sampled from

 10 P-Square Songs and Where They were Sampled from 

Peter and Paul Okoye of the defunct Nigerian pop group P-Square, are unarguably the biggest duo Africa has ever seen in decades. Even as they have painfully gone solo, their legacy still remains unrivaled. Simply put, the identical twins made Africa proud, very proud.

Throughout the palmy days of their career, the duo was constantly under fire for heavily sampling and interpolating foreign songs. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem right? It was the vogue for Nigerian artists back then and honestly everyone does some sampling at a certain point in their career, but the bone of contention was that none of those samples were credited.

Well, that’s P-Square. For most of their albums, no contributors were credited as well and this is the sad reality of J. Martins’ stalled production career. The lad single-handedly produced most of their hit songs and a little credit would’ve done wonders to his status.

Nevertheless, the fact still remains that the duo is good at what they do. Do they sample? Yes. Are the samples palatable to the audience? Sure, that’s why their albums sold millions of copies.

Below is a list of their songs and the respective sample(s).

  1. Last Nite: The second track off their 2003 debut album of the same name. It tagged along with Senorita and Igbedu to form the super trio of the album, receiving massive radio spins all over the country.

The successful song samples Marvin Gaye’s 1982 post-disco funk hit song Sexual Healing, while interpolating Eugene Wilde’s 1984 hit Gotta Get You Home Tonight.



Last Nite

Gotta Get You Home Tonight


Sexual Healing


  1. Temptation: Get Squared was the album that propelled P-Square to stardom, and also their project with the greatest inclusion of sampled tracks. Its Track 7, Temptation, is one of those.

It samples Marques Houston’s 2003 signature song Clubbin’ as well as British singer Nathan’s 2005 song, Come into My Room.







Come into My Room


  1. Am I Still That Special Man? Another Track 7, another sample. Albeit this comes from their third studio album Game Over, released in 2007.

The love ballad samples and interpolates Craig David’s 2001 successful single Rendezvous, from his fourth studio album Born to Do It.



Am I Still That Special Man?




  1. Danger: The year was 2009 and there was wahala –seriously. This song was a problem on the dance floors. All thanks to J. Martins who time-traveled back to 2002 to dust this one off Eminem’s critically acclaimed album The Eminem Show, from the song Without Me precisely.

Not to worry though, we all know who the real Slim Shady is ?





Without Me


  1. Bizzy Body: Repeat: “P-Square is good at what they do”. If this isn’t regarded as the biggest Nigerian song of 2005, disregard that authority. Yep, you heard right.

The duo lifted Sean Paul’s 2002 chart-buster Gimme the Light, and turned it into gold -24 karats to be exact. They also borrowed a few lines from the Fugees’ 1996 R&B / Hip hop song Ready or Not.

Undeniably talented songstress Waje provided vocals for the track, but was uncredited. Leaves one to wonder if her career would have taken an earlier and easier jumpstart had due credit been given.



Bizzy Body

Gimme the Light


Ready or Not


  1. Story: “Uncle please tell us a story”.

Alright kiddos, listen up. Here’s a nice story for y’all ?

Ok now seriously, this was the perfect opening track for Get Squared. The superstars took us on a journey through their strife and joys too, all on a classic melody.

Well, give it up for R. Kelly because his Y2K hit song I Wish made it possible.





I Wish


  1. Get Squared: Be honest, at some point while listening to this song you subconsciously let out a scream of “Lil Joooon”.

Usher’s 2004 fourth studio album Confessions was greatly loved by all and sundry. Come on, P-Square love Usher too –at least Peter does.

It’s no surprise they had to sample one of the album’s highlights, Yeah!



Get Squared




  1. Omoge Mi: Another track on which Waje made an invaluable impact. The emotional ballad which occupied the 8th track on Get Squared, interpolates Toni Braxton’s 1996 R&B / soul ballad Un-Break My Heart.



Omoge Mi


Un-Break My Heart

  1. More Than a Friend: Who the heck says Peter cannot sing? Have you heard his verse 2 on this track?? That is by the way.

You ever wonder why you suddenly relate to Mario whenever this tune comes on? That’s because it samples his 2004 R&B hit Let Me Love You.



More Than a Friend


Let Me Love You


  1. Miss U Die: Many people have always thought the fourth track on Game Over sounded somewhat familiar, but just could not place it.

Today is your lucky day. Go forth and be merry for you have found the answer which you seek.

Miss U Die was sampled from boy band Westlife’s Y2K song Soledad.



Miss U Die




Worthy Mentions

  • Forever: The first single and fifth track on their 2011 fifth studio album The Invasion. It interpolates the chorus from Harlem World’s 1999 hip hop single I Really Like It.
  • Your Name: Afro-pop R&B song which was the sixth track on Get Squared. It interpolates the style and melody from The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1997 hit single Mo Money Mo Problems.

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