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106 Unique And Godly Igbo Names With Their Meanings


106 Unique And Godly Igbo Names With Their Meanings

Certainly, there are Igbo names you’ve heard and didn’t know their meanings or even why the parents chose such names for their babies. Some of these names from the Igbo tribes of Nigeria are diverse. They include the weird, hilarious and plain old bizarre.

Some of them are coined from the English language; some are fading out and for others, their spellings are shortened for easy pronunciation. For example, we now have Amanda for Chimamanda, Ziko for Zikoranachigidimma, Muna for Munachimyiaga etc.

Below are incredibly fine Igbo names from South East Nigeria that will tickle your fancy. Most of them have ‘God’ or ‘Moral’ attributes attached at the beginning or end.

Igbo Names, Meaning and Short forms

1. Chimamanda (Amanda) – My God will not fail

2. Chikaima (Chika) – It’s God we know

3. Kamharida (Rida) – May I not fall

4. Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme (Ife or Ifechi) – What God has written, God’s words must come to pass

5. Ifechimererika (Erika) – God’s works are endless

6. Chigaemezu (Eme) – God will fulfil

7. Nwanyibuife (Ife) – A woman is light

8. Ebubedike  (Ebube) – Glory of a great man

9. Chisimdiri – God said I shall live

10. Kosisochukwu (Kosiso or Kosi) – However it pleases God

11. Ndumzoronachukwu (Zoro) – My life is hidden in God

12. Zioranmachukwu (Ziora) -Show the world God’s beauty

13. Kaimarachukwu (Kaima) – Let’s know God

14. Obinaetochukwu (Naeto) – A heart that praises God

15. Sochima (Sochi) – Only God Knows

16. Chinagorom (China) – God is my witness

17. Chisomaga (Chisom) – God walks with me

18. Chisomnazu (Som) – God is my protector (God is behind me)

19. Somnazu (Som) – Walk behind me

20. Chukwukasiemobi (Kasie) – God console my heart

21. Echioma (Oma) – Brighter Tomorrow

22. Enyichukwu – God’s friend

23. Chimeremeze (Chime) – My God made me King

24. Chibunwannem (Chibu) – God is my sibling

25. Kaitochukwu (Tochi) –  Let’s praise God

26. Chimsimdiri (Chisimdi) – My God said I shall live

27. Oguguochukwu (Oguguo) – Befriend God

28. Makuochukwu (Makuo) –  Embrace God

29. Lotachukwu, Lotanna – Remember God, Remember the Father

30. Kachizamekpere – Let God answer my prayer

31. Chizaramekpere (Chizaram) – God Answered my prayers

32. Ekpereamaka (Amaka) – Prayer is beautiful

33. Nwukaamaka (Amaka) –  Children born on Sunday are beautiful

34. Otitochukwu (Otito) – In God’s Praise

35. Otutuchukwu – Chant for God

36. Chimdalu (Dalu) – Thank you, my God,

37. Chinanuokum ie Chi-anu-okum (China or Chianu) – God hear my calls

38. Chinalu (China) – God is at work

39. Akummiriigwe (Aku) – The Dew of Heaven

40. Kamsiyochukwu (Kamsi) – How I pleaded with God

50. Fesochukwu (Feso) – Worship only God

51. Chikeluwa (Chike) – God who created the world

52. Ifechukwuadigo (Ifeadigo, Chike) –  God’s light has come

53. Adimchukwunobi (Adimchi) – Am in God’s heart

54. Chimbusomma (Somma) – My God is so beautiful

55. Zikoranachigidimma (Zikora or Ziko) – Show the world your God is good

56. Kammarachukwu (Kamara) – Let me know God

57. Olisabinaigwe (Olisa) – God in Heaven

58. Mmasinachi (Mma) – Beauty is from God

59. Nnekasi – Mothers are the greatest

60. Afunwaelotanna (Afunwa or Lotanna)–  When we see the child, we remember the Father (i.e Spiting Image of the Father)

61. Nwaejirilotanna (Lotanna) – The child that represents the image of his father

62. Ifeanyichukwu (Ifeanyi) – There is nothing God cannot do

63. Munaolisa, Akaolisa (Muna or Olisa) – Me and God, Hand of God

64. Chikamjiaba (Chika) – God is my backbone/pillar

65. Chukwukadibia (Chuka) – God is bigger than the witch doctor

66. Chimaroke (Chima) – God who knows our/my portion

67. Chukwuemeka (Emeka)– God has done great

68. Chukwunomma – Awesome God

69. Chukwumerije (Merije)– the journey begins with God

70. Agbanwechukwu (Agbanwe) – God that never changes

71. Iheanacho  (Acho) – What is desired

72. Kachiside (Kachi) – As God has written

73. Oluemunso – It is close to me

74. Onukwube  – Let the mouth speak

75. Ekwutosi (Tosi) – Don’t condemn

76. Nwakaego (Ego) – Children are better than wealth

77. Chimatoka (Atoka) – My God is very sweet

78. Chihurumnanya (Ihunanya) – The God that loves me

79. Onwuamaghionyeike (Ike) – Death recognises no great/powerful man

80. Ikechukwu (Ike) – God’s Power

81. Chimkwesilito (Lito) – My God is worthy of praise

82. Chimdiomimi (Chimdi) – My God is Omnipotent

83. Jeweluchukwuozi (Jewel) – Be a messenger of God

84. Nneamaka (Amaka)– Mother is beautiful

85. Alochukwutulu, (Alo or Alochi) – God’s Ideas

86. Elonna (Elo) – Father’s thought

87. Chizitelu (Zitel) – God sent

88. Lotafechi (Lotachi (remember God) or Fechi (worship God)) – Remember to worship God

89. Zinachidi (Zina) – Show them that God is alive

90. Okoloma (Okolo) – Beauty of Youth

100. Olanna (Ola) – Father’s Jewel

101. Obiajulu (Obi) – Heart at peace

102. Ijechikamma (Ije or Ama) – Journey with God is the Best

103. Chizotam (zotam) – God shield me

104. Ujuamarachukwu (Uju or UJ) – Abundance God’s grace

105. Chimankpam (Chima or Mankpa) – God knows my needs/worries/turmoil

106. Chiadikaobimmadu (Chiadi or Obi) – God’s will is not like that of man

In the Igbo language, Chi, Chukwu, Chineke, and Olisa means God, Chim means My God; Tochi means Praise God; Nna means Father; Nne means Mother.

Igbo parents usually name their children for various reasons including culture, circumstances surrounding the child’s birth, date, festivals, etc. Whichever way you consider it, some of these Igbo names are sources of inspirations for movies and music artists around the world, writers, poets, playwrights, novelists etc.

We hope these Igbo names inspire you as you choose them for your baby, books, songs, movies or even as titles. Enjoy!

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