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13 Signs That Show He’s Boyfriend Material


13 Signs That Show He’s Boyfriend Material

First thing first, you need to know what is the definition of boyfriend material. Boyfriend material is someone who takes care of you and who loves you more than anything (get a guy like this please!). Someone wo accept you the way you are and support you na matter your circumstances. If you have all of these, he may be the winner!

You comes to that point that you should be thinking of someone whom you can imagine yourself having a long-term relationship with or even spending your life with them and build a family.

Not all men are classed as boyfriend material, even not many taken men are boyfriend material (true!). It can be hard to find out if they’re boyfriend material or not in the beginning of relationship. So here are the tips to identify boyfriend materials:

1. He Introduces You to His Friends

If your man waits too long to introduce you to his friends, you shoulb be curious. Because no one that is in serious relationship would hide their partner. Instead he will let all his friends know about his partner and he wants his parter to know his friends.

2. He Is A Great Lover

There are so many thing that makes a man become a great lover. Does not have to mean he is the bes you have ever had in technical matter how hight skilled he is, he have to be open to you and willing to make you happy, but as well as expressing that he is happy to be with you. A man who identified as boyfriend material is receptive to your needs and communicate about his own needs.

3. Man Who Let’s His Girl Have Her Own Space

Get a man who is not possessive to you and trust you. A man who is boyfriend material will understand that you have a life and friends. We as a girl don’t want to feel like our man trying to control everything. The more space your man gace you, the more time you wants to spend time with him.

4. He Will Support Your Decision

A man who really love you and into you will never makes you feel bad about your decision, instead they will support you and gave loads of motivation whenever you feeling down. And even if he does not agree with you, he will explain why he does not agree with you in a nice way.

5. He Will Always Open and Honest With You

Perfect man will always honest and be open with you, they usually feels bad whenever he is not telling you the truth even the truth hurts. You should never have question about how is his feeling.

6. Compromises

A man who is classed as a boyfriend material will make certain compromises to get close to you. Maybe he start to keeping his car clean so you can put your stuff there or he keep his house clean so you have your own space there. Man who is not boyfriend material will never be ready for changes in their lives for someone else and may be put blame on you for trying to disrupt their life at the moment.

7. He Understands the Difference between the Good and Wrong

He won’t even close to try to lie, cheating, or hurting you. Because they know and they will never try to hurt you. He know what is up.

8. He Is Ready for Committed in Relationship With You

We know that commitment is not for everyone, some people would consider to cheat from their partner even after they’re married! But you find him different than the other, he acts that he is ready to be in serious relationship and commitment. He will show to you that he is ready for you, and he will try to be with you. If people act like they are super duper busy and don’t make time for you, well that’s a sign if he is not even put you on the first place.

9. He Listen to You

Some men will say that woman talk too much, but there is one thing that you should know that real man will listen to you without complaining or labels you with ‘big mouth’. He probably will participate with your subject.

10. He Always Tells You That You Are Beautiful All the Time

By ‘beautiful’ does not mean you have to dress up and put your make up on. Because we know, we feel comfortable without putting efforts to do make ups, or curl your hair with the iron, he will still adore you even if when you woke up in the morning with your natural hair – tsirt – and no make up on your face. A man should always make his lady feels sexy and beautiful.

11. He Always Wants to Improve to Be Better

I believe self improvements in relationship, good man wouls do this and try to get rid of their bad behavior for his partner. For the example, before he staes you he partying every night, woke up with hangover or the worst is that he was a player before he met you. But then he met you and you changed his life, he decided to improve himself and s=don’t want to do the same behavior in the past. He will try to win your heart.

12. He Is Not Shy to Hold Your Hands in Public

I personally like holding hand with my partner, holding hands means so much to me. I believe good boyfriend will not shy to hold your hands whilst you hang out. It’s kinda showing that you’re his. And this kind of make other ladies out there jealous because you man is such a gentleman!

13. He Will Consider You As His Best Friend Too

By the end of the day, he should want to spend time with you over anyone else, he feel like you are not a burden. And feels comfortable to be with you, you should be feel the same way as him. You make him attracted to you in a good way.

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