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5 Best Places To Do Internship In Nigeria


5 Best Places To Do Internship In Nigeria

Getting an internship position in Nigeria is as difficult as getting a job itself. Although this may sound weird, but it is the truth.

Most students around the country are constantly searching for internship placement. And some of them may end up not getting placement. This could be very frustrating. However, we will unveil to our readers the 7 best places to do internship in Nigeria.

It is always advisable to take your internship very serious. There is nothing as amazing as doing your Internship in a very good place. As a matter of fact, when you do your internship in a good place you tend to learn more and get mouth watering stipends.

7 Best places to do Internship in Nigeria

Are you looking for a one year, six months and graduate internship role in Nigeria? Check out these best places to do internship in Nigeria.

1. Nigeria Liquefied and Natural Gas (NLNG)

One of the best places to do internship in Nigeria in NLNG. You will learn several things about work environment and organization culture if you do your internship in NLNG. More importantly, NLNG pays their intern handsomely well.

How to apply for an internship role in NLNG

    logon to and click on career
    It is advisable to read the SIWES application guidelines before you proceed
    Click yes to the warning message that might appear
    Click register here to register
    Fill in all information especially those asterisks
    After which, follow the sequence from there.

2. Shell

Shell is also among the best places to do internship in Nigeria. Although it is very challenging to get an internship role in Shell. But with the right contacts, you can be there. I promise you, it is a good place to be, your experience will be one of a kind.

3. Schlumberger

Schlumberger is another great place to do your internship in Nigeria. It is an oilfield firm with presence in over 85 countries.

They offer internship opportunities to students and fresh graduates around the country. Just visit their website to see the application guidelines.


NNPC is also among the best places to do internship in Nigeria. Although most time you need to know somebody inside there before you will be accepted.

They are several subsidiaries in NNPC, they all accept IT students. It is a good place to work and you will learn a lot about your discipline.

Some interns are lucky to get a contract appointment with NNPC after their internship. I know of several people in this category.

5. GT Bank

Most staff you see in the bulk room in any GT bank branch around the country are interns. GT bank recruit large number of students annually as intern.

However, you need to know a staff working in GT bank who will help you apply. Also, upon acceptance, you will need a senior staff in the bank to serve as your guarantor.

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