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5 Clear Signs She Is A Girlfriend Material To Love Forevermore


5 Clear Signs She Is A Girlfriend Material To Love Forevermore

Having a girlfriend is mostly what all men wants. A girlfriend is your best friend, lover and favorite person on earth all in the same person. To get to her, you will have to get through some phases. But, the first phases of a relationship is hard. Especially when you are not sure if you have a future with her and if you have a commitment issue. Don’t lose the girl that might be the love of your life just because of a silly uncertainty. See these signs she is a girlfriend material and match the signs with her behavior and you might realize that you have already met the love of your life.
We all look for the same things in a partner. Comfort and understanding. A girl who have most of these signs in her attitude might give you both of that qualities. So read on and explore!

1. She listens

This is the first signs she is a girlfriend material. The base of every good relationship is of course communication. If she is able to listen to you intently, she might just be the one. She is a great listener when you see her actually listening anytime, anywhere. She might be busy but a girl who is a girlfriend material will always make time to listen to you. This is because she knows being heard makes you feel happy and comfortable and she wants you to feel that way.

2. She is happy

Sure, constant happiness is not always good but a girl who is happy is still one of the signs of a girlfriend material. When you see her as a happy person for most of the times, that means she is an independent girl who is feeling content within and she is not afraid to radiate her love to someone else. A girl who is happy is a girl who is ready to give and receive love. So if you see her being sad for as long as you know her, maybe you need to reconsider.

3. She is proud of herself

This might sound odd but a girl who loves herself is a girl that is definitely a girlfriend material. Someone who loves herself is content with who she is and she can feel that way without bringing down some other people. These kind of girls find happiness within herself. She is emotionally stable. But you still have to determine the fine line between self love and arrogance.
A girl who is arrogant will try to take down someone else in an attempt to make herself seems higher. When you date these kinds of girls it will be filled with jealousy and sadness because she is an insecure girl who is filled with hatred.

4. Silence is not a space to be filled

Sometimes you know that you are really comfortable with silence when you can be comfortably quiet with someone. Find a girl that can stand being peacefully quiet with you just for the sake of chilling. A girl can detect the moment when you want to be quiet. And once she starts blabbering about something unimportant, that means she is not quite comfortable with you. This is a great and simple experiment to figure out if she is the perfect girlfriend.

5. She accepts you and your flaw

Of course we all want to be in a relationship, but what is a relationship without honesty? You will know that you have a girl that is a possible girlfriend when she accepts you and your flaws. She is not surprised or overly angry when you made a mistake. She understands that you are a human, just like her. And she even likes you more because of your flaws!

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