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5 Secrets Of People Who Stay Effortlessly Slim

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5 Secrets Of People Who Stay Effortlessly Slim

Ever wondered why some people you know or see often remain slim and healthy, never adding excessive weight over the years? Well, you’re about to find out their little secret and don’t think it is such a complicated one to handle because a study from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab may have uncovered a couple of easy clues.

According to Dr. Brain Wansink, the study’s co-author, most slim people don’t employ restrictive diets or intense health regimes to maintain a healthy weight. Wansink says that instead, they practice easy habits like not skipping breakfast, and “listening to inner cues”

The research conducted on 147 adults showed that ‘routine is the key.’ When healthy habits are built-in to a person’s schedule, they become second nature and feel less-chore like.

Here Are Five Secrets That Healthy Slim People inculcate In Their Daily Routine

#1 They Eat Proper Breakfast

You do not need to go hungry in the mornings to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. From the research findings, 96 percent of the study participants reported eating breakfast nearly every day. While it’s up for debate whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there’s no denying its significance. The research shows that those who forgo a morning meal tend to consume more calories at lunchtime.

Skipping breakfast is also associated with increased weight gain over time. Therefore, the advice is to stick to the routine of eating a moderate quantity of nicely prepared breakfast because even breakfast can cause people to gain weight.

#2 They Form An Exercise Routine

Exercise, exercise, exercise! The research also revealed that 42 percent of study participants reported exercising five or more times a week. Exercise does so much for our bodies and brains, including reducing stress and depression symptoms as well as the risk of diabetes and a host of other conditions.

One more really cool side effect of habitual exercise is that it’ll make you crave a healthier diet. That’s a win-win for weight loss. The endorphin rush you get from a sprint around the neighbourhood might help you resist temptation, whether that’s alcohol or a big slice of chocolate cake

#3 They Have A Scale

No, it’s not insecurity. Having a weighing in scale will help you to be conscious about your body weight. A new research finds that weighing yourself daily is a good practice for losing weight and maintaining a healthy size. According to David Levitsky, a professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell University, “stepping on the scales should be like brushing your teeth.”

But as helpful as the scale is to weight check, it can be problematic for certain individuals. For some, what they see on the scale can trigger feelings of depression and stress and even counterproductive behaviour like emotional eating. The feeling of defeat when reading a number may also override successes. If you sense that the scale does you more harm than good, trust your gut and skip this tip.

#4 They Don’t Restrict What They Eat

Findings from the research show that 44 percent of participants reported at least one “non-restrictive strategy” to their eating, such as:

  • Listening to inner cues, (nutrients that your body really needs)
  • Eating high-quality and low-processed foods and
  • Cooking at home.

All three of these practices are proven to lead to healthier lives. If you’re on the job and hungry after lunch, consider cutting out vending machine snacks for more nutritious ones you bring from home. Eating at home is a smart way to cut calories and spending.

#5 They Are Mindful Of What They Eat

People who look and feel good generally don’t put themselves on restrictive diets. Instead, they think about what they’re putting in their bodies. While 74 percent said they never or rarely diet, 92 percent reported being conscious of what they ate. This number suggests that effortlessly slim people don’t engage in mindless eating — eating out of boredom or with a purpose beyond addressing hunger.

Naturally slender people are naturally slim in part because they don’t make thinness their main priority. They take a “be” not “do” approach, incorporating healthy habits into their routines on the regular. If you want to follow suit, a lifestyle shift may be in order.

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