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5 Secrets Women Never Tell Men


5 Secrets Women Never Tell Men

Women have been known to be complicated beings. They are hard to get, hard to impress, difficult to predict and know how to keep things close to their hearts. Although overtime men have been known to talk less and keep more secrets, women share only things they are comfortable with, and whatever will make them appear vulnerable especially to the men folks, they keep it a secret.

Often times, relationships do not work out due to some things a woman expects from her man but, the man can not point out what exactly the woman wants since she doesn’t voice it out. She might not say these things, that’s why they are her secrets, but she expects her man to know and do them. A man can only please his woman if he knows these secrets below and applies them.

1. Women Love Surprises

The same way a man doesn’t like a boring relationship, a woman expects spontaneous changes in daily routines. Women like crazy surprises that can lift up a moody day. Surprises can come in small and big ways: grab her from the back when she is doing the dishes in the kitchen, pop the big question when she least expects, leave her a gorgeous dress on the bed with a note saying ‘meet me in the car’, then take her to a nice Chinese restaurant. These gestures make her feel loved and adds variety to the relationship, but she will never tell you that.

2. Women Expect Men To Understand Their Body Language/Gestures

Women are more sensitive than men when they are in a relationship and they have a way of talking with their body. A man who doesn’t understand his spouse’s body language will fail a thousand times in trying to please her until he understands why she is wearing a camisole in harmattan or why she kept her shopping list on his table, he can not love her right.

3. Every Woman Wants An Honest Man

Often times men wonder why their girlfriends hastily opt out of the relationship without prior notice. The truth is she has been observing him and cannot stand a dishonest man. Women love to associate with virtuous men that have good names as well as reputation. The word ‘virtuous’ is not synonymous with women alone, men too can have that quality, and women want those kinds of men. They want a man that will tell them every single detail of what happened in the office, and not omit the real thing they want to hear.

4. Women Want To Be Cuddled More

For most men, cuddling is not their thing. They want to go all the way as quickly as they can so they can achieve orgasm. But for the women, its the opposite. In as much as she wants to reach orgasm, she prefers longer hugs and kisses, fondling and a prolonged foreplay before any other thing. This way, they feel loved and do not see themselves as objects of satisfaction.

5. She Likes To Be Part Of Every Decision

Do not be deceived that you as a man is the head of the family. Involving her in making decisions that concern the relationship is one of the things she wants, but will never say to you. It makes her feel important, and a part of the ruling authority. Although it is natural for most men, especially Nigerian men to decide on very important matters without consulting their better half. This is not ideal and might be the reasons she has been carrying a long face around the house.

Bring her in, ask for her opinion and come to a conclusion with her consent. But be cautious in involving her because most women would want to overuse the opportunity and manipulate a decision to the man’s detriment. All the same, she wants to be in charge someway, so give her the door and hold the key. This goes a long way to suggest to the woman that she is just not a figurehead but an important figure in the family.

There are some other secrets women keep away from men and they include regular profession of his love for her, constant showering of attention, open affection and of course loads and loads of TLC. Men just have to be a little more sensitive to read the hearts of their spouses, as that is the only way to know what they are not saying.

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