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7 Places You Must Visit As An Adult In Your Lifetime!

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7 Places You Must Visit As An Adult In Your Lifetime!

1. Burial ground:

I used to have a colleague who happens to be a germophobe, I’ll always tell her, I do hope you know the germs you run from is present in thousands in your mouth, genitals and on your skin? Someone cannot step on your toes in peace, you must shout! The dirt you so fight people against, remember is your final home!

2. Morgue:

Have you seen how they embalm smokers, most especially those with respiratory tract problems? They rip them open, thrash their lungs and all that, needle them up like a sac of yam. It doesn’t matter if you were an army general of the fleet, you’d be served this treatment.

A warning to the proud and principled, you can’t move with ordinary people and you have class, well I do hope a visit will teach you to know we are all nothing but a bag of flesh and blood!

3. Orphanages/IDP camps:

Your parents never did their best, they served you garri and ekpa every afternoon right? When you visit these places, some children only wished they have someone they could call Mum, dad, brother, sister et al. At the IDP camp, you’d see a lot of people who smile only when they get to eat 1 meal per day.

Don’t be a selfish living being, it is not about you alone!

4. Abroad:

When I mentioned abroad, I mean the western world, Asia, Australia and other parts of Africa. It is not only enough to live through your kind and culture, living life means traveling to see the world, see people of different colors, their delicacies, values, and most specifically beliefs.

Need I remind you one of the best education you can give yourself is this; it will teach and perfect your behaviors, how to treat people and how to handle sensitive issues, trust me!

5. Vacations/wild:

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher and can hardly afford 3 square meals, make sure you save up and visit the wild/resort at least once in your life time. It will give you a sense that better appreciates the work of God and nature. Trust me there are some creatures/natural resources you never believe existed.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vacation in Hawaii, gather your family, lodge in an hotel and have a great time in one of our resorts/falls/ranches.

6. Historical Museums:

Well, I have to tell you if you don’t know that you are a product of various genetic combinations; having said that, you’d agree with me it is only fair to know about the men whose genetic material you inherited. Visit a museum today, learn about your ancestors, city, state, and country to better understand where you are coming from, and where you are going!

7. Court room/Prison:

It doesn’t mean you’ll be a prisoner but trust me, it will serve as a guide especially to the big boys, fraudsters and most importantly the hot-tempered who picks up knives and broken bottles at the slightest provocation. Don’t be a convict before you’d appreciate the invaluable price of freedom, visit there at least once to understand life needs to be threaded softly!

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