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Friday, December 4, 2020
Sugar Mummy In USA

32 years old American Suga momma in Arlington, Virginia, United States

Are you searching for a young yet rich sugar mummy? a sugar mommy who is a rich working sugar mummy, atleast a sugar mummy that when you contact her or she contacts you, you can travel over to meet her or she can travel all the way over to meet you? last time we connected a sugar momma from Australia all the way she flew down and met her shuga boy in Nigeria.

Today, we bring you Joyce, a sugar mama very young and kicking, she is based in Arlington, in Virginia, United States of America, i would expect you to read below as she introduces herself to you.

Meet Joyce, Sugar Mummy in Arlington – Virginia, United states of America.

Hi, Am happy to introduce myself to this Latest dating site, i believe even if i do not find a soul mate immediately, i will atleast get to see someone who could be my best friend.


I’m here to meet just about anyone. I like having friends to talk to and hang out with, though I don’t have many.  I can also be easy to get along with and shy at times and very random. I love to laugh and have a good time and hang out with friends and family.

I’m not perfect, never have been and never will be. But I do try my best. I’ve made mistakes and there will be more to learn from. I love the outdoors, painting, sketching/drawing, photography I’m interested in it,  i am endowed in everything, and I’m not interested in playing games. I’m honest and tell you what i think, weather you like it or not.

Looks do not matter to me. Its all about personality. I like to be treated with the same respect that you would like in return.  I do not care about the country you are from, sofar you care about meeting and accepting me the way i am, i am opened to take proper and good care of you, i may look you, Age is no matter to me at all.

If you are interested in me just let me know, i will check all your requests out and get back to you, thanks.

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    • Hello sweetheart my name is Trevor i believe we have something in common im also an artist we can create something wonderful together, im from south Africa based in Johannesburg you can contact me at 0670068359 any time

  • Hi im Haseeb im 27 yr old i need a sugar mummy who naughty in bed want new thing and make always happy and full od desires contact me on my whatsapp +923242223334

  • Hello my dear JOYCE-, am by the names eng. Jackson k) 162CM, 38yrs from Uganda;
    With due respect, honor, and with a humble request, i wish to submit in this comment for a special reason of you breaking my heart , i dearly think that we already done consenting in the firms but look, you have got now the soul man , your DRIVER, gentle, mature, loving, loyal, trustworthy, a man of wisdom, a simple man with a simple profile , an observant , a technical man in electrical & mechanical fields, bearing all situations of life, a man who can listen, look backward and forward, a man who can look left and right, sincere and a Christian by religion, a man of voice with positive reactions ,a man who abides by the governing laws of an area, above all I rely on trustworthy without segregation of in religion , I also promise you to hold you tight like a queen , a man loving jokes . Any way praise GOD and thank him showing you Eng.Jackson k to rule your palace and the belongings right click on me don’t have to wait.
    My dear, talking too much is not to win the case; this site is not so secure in terms of privacy,
    So just watsap me on +256772428248, messenger, IMO or mail, [email protected], for interesting views if you also have mercy and grace in you.
    i wish you the best wishes when doing selection
    Hugs and flying kisses combat all your feelings day and night.
    GOD BLESS YOU, And dedicated you a song which says ;’ when u think about love- think about ENG.JKB. WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.

  • Howdy

    I am a 52 years old qualified guy from India and single and looking for love. Love is rare now a days and its easier to fall in bed then to fall in love.

    I am a consulting advisor on international taxation. I work in India and Dubai.

    I am a athletic hunk, sapio, dry humour, simple, intelligent, confident, caring, ardent and dominant.

    Would love a sub looking for dom

    [email protected]

  • Hi.lovely lady Patricia.I am so much interested in you dear.kindly contact me on my Whatup number.+0027)8333 83408.I will like to get to no you so much. Lovely lady.

  • Am happy to introduce myself to this Latest dating site, i believe even if i do not find a soul mate immediately,+971558949551 i will atleast get to see someone who could be my best friend.I don’t trust agent & don’t want to prove women sending money or spending money so I m honest person.
    If you are agree can contact me
    Thank you

  • Hi Sweet baby Joyce, I am 33 years and a Ghanaian. I am really interested in you and ready and willing to make you feel loved.

    Call or watsup me on +233 261483841

    Love you Joyce.

  • Hello Patricia. Am Daniel.

    You look quite pretty. I can tell you that you’ll meet a gent with unmatched intrinsic value, a sort of characters; loving, hardworking, caring, always minding of your happiness, intelligent and much more.

    Take a chance on me and give me a try.It will be the only sure way to gauge Daniel.

    Contacts: +254710686097
    Email. [email protected]

  • Hello how are you doing today I hope everything is going well with you and your family I’m Mike from zambia I’m 22 years old I will be great for to have you in my life this is my line WhatsApp me or call me +260969188721

  • Welcome
    I am interested in you
    AHMED GALAL from Cairo Egypt
    Call me on WhatsApp number+201006867066
    I am a doctor

  • Welcome
    I am interested in you
    AHMED GALAL from Cairo Egypt
    Call me on WhatsApp number+201006867066
    I am a doctor

  • Im a black south African man age 30 Lady Lee me be your satisfaction everytime you looking for pleasure love and happines find me on +2783 528 0904 drop me and email [email protected] I’ll be waiting to give you a peace of mind

  • Hello good evening to you my name is William and I am 50 years old single never married for New Castle Pennsylvania and I really want to connect with you and see if I can fulfill your needs I am an expert with my hands as I am self-trained I hope that you would consider allowing me the chance to bring health and healing to your mind and body through the use of my hands I could sit here all night and tell you about what I can do for you but I don’t do much talking I would rather do my talking in the bedroom next to you taking you to a new dimension in your mind and making your body feel so good through the use of my hands create a message me or call me on my private text number or Whatsapp number because they’re both the same and the number is +1-724-988-8404 I’m looking forward to meeting you face to face and I hope that you have a blessed week blessings be to you

  • Hello my name is John. I am 49 but will be 50 next week. I am actually from Virginia myself Richmond that is. I do have a full time job. I have 2 kids ages 17 and 11 who mean the world to me. I must admit I am attached but I am on here to support my family anyway possible. I can be whatever the task should call for. If you need someone to run a business I can be that guy or someone you might need to go on a business trip with I can be that guy as I already stated I can be that guy. The money that I can earn is sinply about them. As long as they are treated right then rest assure I will be treated in high regards. You will have my respect. Anytjing you might need to know please feel free to contact me on telegram 18043991350.

  • Hello my name is John. I am 50 yes I would certainly say it is older than most. But please do not let that fool you in the least. I am a nice guy and easy to get along with. I do live in the United states, I live in Virginia as well as you do, which would be awesome. I do have a full time job so I am not some type of deadbeat. I do have 2 kids that mean everything to me and I am here to help them out any way possible. I am attached though but again it is to help out my family. So if you need someone that has experience and will work for you then I can be your guy. If interested then hit me up on hangout at [email protected]. I assure that I am for real. 18043991350 my number.

  • Hi Joyce, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jason, but you can just call me LJ and I am from Belize. The most beautiful country that has the second longest barrier reef in the world.
    Of course I am the type of gentleman that seeks to build a valuable friendship connection first, because my heart is to get to know you inwardly as a friend, discovering the treasure you behold within, rather than what is obvious to only what the naked eyes can see on the outside.
    Not that you’re not beautiful, your beauty is immaculately stunning beyond measure.
    In the process, even more flawlessly attractive soul may be revealed right before my eyes, that could somehow mature our encounter not only as best friends, but into so much more, perhaps even marriage and that’s my heart ultimately…

    Like you, I too enjoy the encounter of friends to talk and hang out with because I am more of a outgoing kind of person. However, I am very careful on who I select as friends, because not everyone that says they are your friend, would be as genuine. So, I don’t have many friends. I love my family, and I enjoy spending quality time with them laughing and having lots of fun especially with the little kiddies.

    I am not a perfect guy either, never have been and never will be, but I do try my very best as well to go beyond the extra mile. I also have made many mistakes that I have learned from too. Yet I posses a bubbling persona that is quite humorous, encouraging and joyful.
    If however I am wrong in any way I am not afraid to admit that I was wrong, take responsibility for my actions, genuinely apologize and inquire of how can I make it up to any particular individual in any way possible, just to make peace.

    Adventure is the core of who I am for I enjoy all types of the unknown so l I am more of an outdoor kind of guy.
    However let me list a few of such adventures so you could see where I am coming from.
    I enjoy the beach, sports, nature, animals, sunsets, music, traveling, snorkeling, diving, art, paintings, waterfalls, and swimming, just to name a few.

    Also like you, looks do not matter to me as well, because what’s more important to me is who you are, and I believe that will be demonstrated through your character as I get to know you more personally.
    So far, I’m really drawn to the heart you display by the few lines you’ve expressed and I’d certainly like to get to know you more if you don’t mind.
    I believe, “we should do unto others, what we would want others do unto us,” and by valuing others, our approach won’t be selfish but always selfless and that’s who I am in a nut shell, for my deepest desire is to serve with my entire heart by being a blessing to everyone.
    Even more, to serve is to love…

    If however you chose to select me as your outstanding special someone that you would like to know more, you’ll get to unleash so much more, so much so that every taste of who I am would be so contagious, that you won’t be able to let go but slowly yield into exploring the sweet smelling aroma this precious soul fragrances above and beyond…
    Even more, kindly let this introductory encounter be the commencement of a meaningful banter that can continue beyond distances, above time in its essence, meanwhile echoing what is yet to unfold in your gorgeous presence.

  • Hello beautiful queen, my name is Juan, I’m 36 and I’m very interested in you. Give me an opportunity to show you what love is. I’m using WhatsApp, telegram or hangouts.
    [email protected]
    I’ll be able for you.

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