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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Sugar Mummy In UK

Sugar Mama in England, United kingdom Available

Hi, meets Jane, a Sugar Mama in England who’s 52 years old and seeking seriously for a lover, as you know at our Sugar Mummy Online Websites;  We are so devoted to always distribute Rich Sugar Mummies to our faithful Viewers.

For some  years now, We have connected  Wealthy and Good looking Sugar Mummies to young and some frequent viewers, without any form of  fee and no agent fee involve too. This is the best time to hold on to a sugar Mummy here in England, United kingdom. So what are you still waiting For?

Meet Jane a Rich Sugar Mama in England, United kingdom.


I am Jane , i’m a very simple and  honest person, also i am 52 years  of age, and searching for a  lover, who is ready to love me more than i do and also  be my best Friend, I am a humble  person, And  have lived in England all through. But this time around i am ready to make moves in meeting my dream lover.

As you can see i am a middle class lady  in terms of my size, i  enjoy quiet times and a lot of romance, honestly i don’t like smokers, i must be sincere to you that i’m very comfortable with life, And i am really looking for a long term relationship. So i believe with this we can both live happily.

One vital thing is to let me know where you are,Mind you location is never a problem. And i would love you to be honest and sincere as these are very important to me, And also if you will love to have me as your Lover. And also tell me what i need to know about you. So if you need this Sugar Mama  privately, you can drop your email in the box below. Thanks

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    • I’m Kingsley from bayelsa Nigeria, based in yenagoa, I love older women.. I need one.. Obviously with your simplicity I think you’re the right woman for me, I’m in my middle twenties, intelligent and smart, a graduate of medical records profession From the university of port Harcourt Nigeria, i’m average heighted, brown skinned, fluent in English language and loves adventure, do well to contact me via my email. Thanks

  • My Beloved Jane,
    May God bless you home o love amen.
    Hope you find in good. I m called yudhishter Ratanpal, +60 5’4″ amicable, with sound health, like music n play little too n like travelling too, spirtsmansspirtsmanship,reliable as well as good heart n God feared person with good values as well as our qualities by virtue match with grace to share our mutual understanding but not rich honestly. Post graduate in administration and social service provider for a humanitarian cause being ex coordinator leap n th n attached projects with a lawyer firm as a writer n typing jobs n reading, writting n music n cook well but all Indian veg meals. We could share n enjoy a good time if you consider n make necessary arrangements there are no bar to me and be hopful n sure o love n regards with mutual trust. May email me at [email protected] or call me +91-9829167222 or WhatsApp at +7891068771 with grace. Have a nice day n always smile alike a rose, roses be more n reasons be more to share your passion with humble courtsey o love. Thanks with warms n LOVE. May write me directly as you need gentle care n be sure to love you more hopefully. Tks.

  • Hello my name is John. I am 49 soon to be 50. I live in the United States. I would like to think of myself as a laid back kind of guy easy to get along with. I do not drink or smoke. My health is good. I do have a full time job been doing the same thing for 28 years. I do have 2 kids ages 17 and 11. I must be honest I am attached but I am here to help them out more than anything else. I can be whatever you need for me to be. I can do a few things. Cook clean or whatever it is call upon. I want to earn it. If interested telegram number is 18043991350.

  • Hey Jane, Elvis here, I’m pretty sure our interests match totally and we’re looking for the same thing, text me on WhatsApp or telegram on +233272757222 so we can get to know each other and make this work,it will be a shame if we don’t end up together . Stay safe PS. You’re deadass a beauty.

  • Hi Jane,
    Here comes James 50 yrs,170cm tall,tells and a mechanical engineer by profession ready to have you as my LOVER for life.
    I have three children 19,11 and 4yrs whom I love dearly. Am amotor vehicle mechanic and still very active, I don’t smoke neither do I drink. Am very creative and innovative given my profession. Am also a very good cook so once in awhile I request to give a chance and prepare you a meal of my choice. Am honest, trustworthy, good listener, communicator and God loving.
    Engage me so that we can get to know each other and what I need from you first is LOVE and money is secondary.
    Whatsap or call me +256772453069

  • Hi my name is David Debrah from Ghana and I’m interested in you and I’m ready to spend my whole life with you 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  • Hi Jane. My name is Mike and I’m very pleased to meet you. I am 47 years old and single. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. There are a few things that I would like to, and need to, tell you in private. My email is: [email protected], and my number is 6822386909. I am on WhatsApp and also Google Hangouts. I hope to hear from you soon!!!

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