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How a one-night stand almost landed man in trouble…

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How a one-night stand almost landed man in trouble…

How a one-night stand almost landed man in trouble…

A man almost landed himself in trouble due to his sexual escapades. According to the story narrator, his friend picked a girl at the club, they went to his house  and she died that night.

Read his narration below;

“A friend picked this babe from the club one night like that. All went to his house knacked and slept off cus they were both drunk. Babe slept and that was her final sleep. His saving Grace was the Autopsy that proofed she drank too much.

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Honestly. He was in police cell for like 2weeks. Good a thing the girls family didn’t press charges

And this ain’t fiction tho. It happened real somewhere in Benue State

The lady’s family that told the police to release this guy. They didn’t want to press charges, they took their daughter and went away. But police still collect bail sha.”

See screenshot afterwards;


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