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How to Book God is Good Motors Online and Easy

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How to Book God is Good Motors Online and Easy

One thing I like about GIGM (God is Good Motors) is flexibility and ease in every aspect. They bring the service right in front of the supposed customers and provide you with varying options to choose from. Just like they have done in the booking method. So, to book a GIGM bus online, you have not one but 2 options. Which include;
  1. Through God is Good Motors Mobile app or
  2. Via God is Good Motors Official website

How To Book God Is Good Bus Online Via Mobile App

God is Good motors as a company so keen at tapping the opportunities filled with the use of innovation and technology has taken the time to create for itself a unique mobile app for both Android and iOS to show case it services and further bring it closer to its customers.
 GIGM Mobile App
With GIGM Mobile app, you can easily;
  • Book your ticket
  • Hire a bus
  • Reschedule your initial booking
  • Create and manage an account with them, and
  • Have unlimited access to their ever ready customer care agents/services.

Steps For Booking Via The Mobile App…

 It’s as easy. All you have to do first is Download the app. Download GIGM App For Android | Download GIGM App For iOS. If you don’t have Android or iPhone, then you may have to use the website option.

After downloading, open the app and either create an account, log in as an existing user or proceed as a guest and click on Book a bus.

Enter departure terminal, arrival terminal and state as well as the departure date. Proceed and select preferred bus (Toyota Hiace or Mercedes Benz Sprinter) and then continue. From there, you can key in the passenger details, make payment and get the ref code and trip code sent to your phone. It with this ref code and trip code, that your ticket will be generated upon getting to the departure terminal.

How To Book God Is Good Motors Online Via The Official Website

To book a bus online via God is good motors official website, using the online booking platform embedded to the site, you have to go through a short procedure which includes;
  • Visiting (No registration or login required)
  • Choose departure and arrival terminals and state
  • Key in your details
  • Pay
  • and that’s all…
Breaking that down, we have

1. Visit the online booking platform as seen below using this link:

GIGM online booking platform

GIGM online booking platform

2. Select either One way for a one way no return trip or Round trip for through and fro travel using GIGM. From there, you can fill the form accordingly. Providing them with the departure terminal of choice and arrival terminal based on your destination.

After that, key in the departure date (that is the day you plan on traveling), select the number of individuals (adults or children if inclusive) and hit the Book Nowbutton next to it.

3. You will now be taken to a page where you will find the bus availability and prices. Giving you the option to choose between which bus to travel in (Toyota Hiace or Mercedes Benz Sprinter) as seen below. You will also find here, the departure time, number of seats available and an option to help you modify your search.Vgigm bus availability & price

4. Now click on View Seats to be taken to the next step where you will see the booked and available seats for booking. The booked seats here, are grayed out while the available once are painted white. Select the one you want from the available one’s (it will turn green) and click on Continue. See image booking seat selction

5. We are almost done. All that is left is providing your details or passenger details if you ain’t the one traveling and making payment.

To do this, simply fill the form provided by God is good motors on the next page which include

  • Passengers full name
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Active phone number (required for receiving the ref code and trip code needed for ticket generation at the departure terminal before boarding)
  • Next of kin and next of kin’s phone number.

passenger info

6. When done with step 5 above, scroll down and select your preferred method of payment. Which is either by Card via paystack or rave (Visa, verse or master card), or through GTB USSD, internet banking and or mobile app.

God is good motors payment methods

For our own booking, we booked for a one-way trip to Lagos. Departure was the Owerri terminal at Egbu road. And the arrival terminal was that of Maza Maza around Festac gate. We used the card option which worked perfectly using an Ecobank MasterCard while that of GTB failed. See the card payment form below.

god is good motors payment

GIGM Card payment

payment confirmation

7. Finally, after a successful payment, your ref code and trip code will be sent as a text to your phone number. Guard it and be careful not to delete it. As that’s what will be used to generate your bus ticket at God is good motors terminal before boarding.

How to Board A God Is Good Bus After Booking Online

Here I believe you must have booked and successfully paid for your trip online from either the mobile app or online booking platform. The next thing is how to board the bus upon getting to the terminal.  You might be thinking why not just go and enter the bus?? Of course, you can’t because a bus is yet to be assigned to you. All you have is proof of payment and seat reservation but not a bus.

To get assigned onto a bus or rather for you to get a ticket for the bus you booked for online, you have to take your reference code and trip code to the God booking section at your departure terminal and seek for your ticket to be generated (It will only take you 5 minutes). A small paper print out (ticket) showing your name, vehicle number, seat number and amount paid will be given to you.

It’s now left for you to sit tight, get something to eat, and wait for them to call for boarding. From where, the bus will be loaded, with whatever little luggage belonging to you and or other passengers and then take off.

My Personal Experience With GIGM Online Booking

The online booking process was swift, same as the boarding, but not the take-off.

I booked my ticket online with the intention of taking off early (7:30 am to be precise) so as to get to my destination on time but that wasn’t the case.

I woke up a bit late on the departure date after booking online a night before, took my bath, prepared and rushed down to their terminal in Owerri. Got there few minutes after eight, went to the booking section to generate my ticket which was done in minutes. Then the waiting began…

Departure was 2 hours later. How sad I was.

Had I known, I wouldn’t have left without finishing my breakfast. Now, a lot might be attributed to the late departure such as late arrival of fellow passengers/travel mate (African time mentality), the inability of the bus to get filled on time and other factors. but I just thought it wise to include that here. And to say that 7:30 am could still mean 10 am (as in my case).

The bus assigned to us, for some reason best known to God is Good, was changed minutes before boarding. But the sitting position still remained the same.

In all, the experience was awesome. The vehicle was in good condition, A.C worked fine. The driver was good at it. Didn’t for once over speeding, and I got to my destination (Lagos) safely at about 6 in the evening.

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