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How To Detect Scummy Essay Writing Service


How To Detect Scummy Essay Writing Service

An essay is a piece of writing that gives the author’s argument. Sometimes, one can outsource the process of writing from an essay writing service provider. An essay writing service is, therefore, a person or firm that offers help by writing an essay on your behalf at a fee. In most cases, students who have numerous assignments to handle are the ones who hire writing services. Also, students who participate in other demanding activities such as sports use these services due to lack of enough time to handle the projects on their own. Another group of students needs essay writers is those for whom English is a second language. Therefore, they look for essay writers who can help present their arguments logically. Additionally, students who are just lazy to handle their tasks also hire writers to write for them.

Despite the usefulness of article writing services, one needs to be careful so as not to encounter fraudsters. For an individual to distinguish legal writing service from scammers, there are various aspects to look at.

Check the Age of the Website

Today there are many online tools which are used to check the firm’s age; there you can find out whether the site domain has changed. When you visit a website, you have to check the time and the year which it was formed, and the duration of service regarding years. This information is only found in the section “about us.” For instance, if the websites give details like “we have provided academic writing services for students for more than ten years’’ while in your research it showed that the site is only two years old. This is a clear indication that this service is a run by scammers.

Explore the Reviews Online

However, do not take consideration from the appraisals on their site. These are very untruthful because most of them are manipulated. The owner of the site and employees create fake accounts and post appealing responses for the firm. They do this to capture the attention of people trying to reach their website. Therefore, examine the responses on other online platforms such as social media. If you fail to get reviews concerning the firm’s activities anywhere from its website, then do not go for their services. A genuine site should have various comments either positive or negative. This makes you gain the confidence on the site and also gives you hope that the site has been tried by other users.

Check Contact Details

Additionally, the availability of real contacts on the site should be evaluated. Doing so is essential since you may need to use the same details to contact them in the future. The things to analyze include the availability of e-mail address. If the name in the e-mail address is not connected to the name of the online company, this should alarm you that you are likely to be scammed. The name in the e-mail should be closely related to the one in the company name. Also, check if there is an office address which includes the company registration number. Legal companies always indicate this information on their website. If this information is on the site, then go to the internet and verify whether it is displayed as the office of this service. In other words, do not trust a site that does not have its office address on the internet.

Furthermore, analyze the contact phone. It is important to call at that very moment; it will be better if they explain much about their services and how they manage them. When an employee of the company answers you, pay attention to the accent since scammers buy local numbers and when you call they redirect to other places where their partners are located.

User Experience of the Website

Moreover, you need to evaluate the handiness of social networking platforms and the appraisals. Search the service provider social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Evaluate any feedbacks regarding their services, if they are genuine, and who posted them. Also, take a further step and contact the writer of the comments so that you may get more information about the company you want to get the service from. Proceed to hire their service if you find clear information about the company. If you get positive comments from different people, then it may be an indication that they are legit.

Lastly, contact them with the question of guarantees and situation of return, you should be provided with full information about the conditions. If you are not given a clear answer to this, you should not trust the company.

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