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How to Identify A Wife Material In Nigeria


How to Identify A Wife Material In Nigeria

Just like there are many ways to kill a bird, there are many ways to pick out a wife material from the lots of singles ladies.

A Lagos-based psychologist and socialite, Dr. Adejoro Olumofin, shared his thoughts on Instagram on what to look out for when in search of a wife material.

Well, his is not an exhaustive list so I spiced it up with some more search points for the benefits of those bachelors out there, who are confused about the unending schemes of some single ladies who are out there to ‘catch’ a husband.

Wife Material in Nigeria

By all means, if she scores great (30/30) in the scenarios below, then she is a proper wife material:

1. She attends church every Sunday and also mid-week services.

2. She offers to pay the bills on a date, and even pays her own transport fare to see you.

3. She may not be a virgin but at least also not a serial ‘sleeper.’

4. The luxury lifestyle is not her priority.

5. She should be able to pray for at least 45 minutes straight and fast at least 3 times a month. (Pastor Adeboye will back me up on this).

6. She has a remedy for your flaws (smoking, drinking) and helps you manage them properly.

7. She doesn’t care if you live on the mainland or island (she loves you in Egbeda, Mowe, Ibafo).

8. She is not suffering from Aso Ebi syndrome; meaning she can do without buying Aso Ebi for months, but still, attend weddings.

9. Social media followership and Instagram gossips mean nothing to her.

10. If she’s not at work, she is at home or in church or with family.

11. She doesn’t demand a table when she goes to a club (she is willing to stand by the bar with her man and drink Martina).

12. She doesn’t mind if your car or house has an air conditioning system.

13. She knows how to cook proper meals, aside noodles and egg.

Wife Material (proper)

Wife material

14. She is willing to fly economy class and even take a night bus to come see you.

15. She doesn’t have to do an A-list wedding. (She is content with a budget wedding).

16. She doesn’t abuse alcohol and or any other substances and she doesn’t have more than 1 tattoo and/or piercing.

17. She doesn’t have more than 2 smartphones.

18. She doesn’t care about the colour of your passport or the amount in your bank account.

19. She is not tribalistic even if her parents are.

20. She knows how to make at least 3 of these Nigerian dishes (Ofe nsala, gbegiri, efo riro, edikaikong, afang soup, banga and starch).

21. She has not been involved in any social media drama and does not have a girl-clique.

22. She does not have a nude picture or sex tape online.

23. She should not have more than 10000 followers if she’s not a celebrity, stylist, or makeup artist or blogger.

24. She has an HND, B.Sc or a vocational skill (makeup, cooking) and is not a financial liability.

25. She won’t have sex on the first date.

26. If you’re dating, she calls your mom at least once a week.

27. She doesn’t snoop onto your phone to read messages.

28. She won’t abort your baby because she loves children.

29. She loves your surname.

30.  She’s willing to care for and spend on the people you hold close to you. In other words, she’s great with your sibling and parents.

31. If you are comfortable confiding in her and trust her judgements.

32. Her presence makes you conscious of your bad character or inspires you to change into a better man.

33. She has a good relationship with people around, family, friends/acquaintances and neighbours.

34. She is a great conversationalist. By that, I don’t mean a chatterbox, just intelligent enough to hold her own in a mature conversation.

35. Her mind is pretty much mature to handle the bad news, the good news, and disappointment because life is full of it.

36. No more convincing, just marry her already.

Keep in my mind that no one woman may have all the attributes of a wife material written above. You just have to find the ones that best match your preference. Are there any other qualities you think should be/should not be on this list? Kindly drop in the comment box.

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