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How to Start Plantain Chips Business in Nigeria


How to Start Plantain Chips Business in Nigeria

Welcome to today we will be dealing with how to start plantain chips Business in Nigeria. How to start a Plantain Chips business in Nigeria Plantain chips is a special kind of snack produced in Nigeria that is really light and delicious. It is usually smaller than the regular meal eaten most times between or after meals, it comes in different sizes and shapes.

How to Start Plantain Chips Business in Nigeria

According to wiki explanation on plantain, it is label as a Fruit. Plantains can be used for cooking at any stage of ripeness, but ripe ones can be eaten raw. As the plantain ripens, it becomes sweeter and its colour changes from green to yellow to black, just like bananas. Green plantains are firm and starchy, and resemble potatoes in flavour. Wikipedia

Plantain is as well use for cookie known as plantain chips. It’s highly appreciated in Nigeria and really a good business for those producing it. It is usually packed in the nylon or in a disposable cup. The consumption of this snacks in Nigeria does not regard the age, class, tribe or religion, it is eaten by everybody because is a major food gotten from plantain in Nigeria. People who are too busy to get a regular meal most times prefer to snack on these chips to sustain them pending when they get a good meal. This special kind of snacks is served everywhere.

Starting this snack business in Nigeria is a really good option. It is a very good option, since, you are unemployed and need to get yourself employed here is one, and you are employed and you need to earn more, here is a right option because you will be serving a huge market at large, the development in this business is apparently high because is one of the fastest growing business you could start with a little capital, move from being unemployed to being self-employed and also be an employer of labor and earn more every day. Due to the high demand of snacks in the society, this is an opportunity of maximize your profit through the sales of Plantain Chips either in wholesale or retail since it is highly consumed in Nigeria. The interesting part of this business is that no matter the difficulty of the economy the business is not affected because people will always take Plantain Chips everyday even when the prices increase due to the price of the ingredients. Since you have decided to start this business, here are the steps to building a successful snack business in Nigeria:

Get a Good Location for Your Business
Getting a good location for your business is very important in starting and having an active management. As a starter you may not want to invest in buying shops to start, you could produce it at home and distribute from shop to shop.

Have your Capital
Since you have location for your business, set up your capital and write out your budget and expenses for your business. The more you plan big the more investment you require, so you need to decide how much you are willing to commit to your business.

Get the Necessary Equipment or Tools
Getting your tools like fry pans, bowls for mixing, cutter, tables, nylons, gas or stove, brushes, steel spoons, soaps and a table. Getting these tools is really important when running your business. These tools could be gotten easily around you.

Get the appropriate ingredient
Getting your ingredients like ‘Plantain’ which is one of the major ingredient of making Plantain Chips in Nigeria, salt, groundnut oil, pepper if needed. Getting these ingredients and adding them appropriately into your snacks also counts.

Get Helping hands
As soon as you start your business, you will need helping hands, and the more it grows it becomes stressful it becomes for you to handle alone, so you need to employ more people that will help you out with the job so as to ensure smooth running of your business. Having done all this you are good to establishing your own plantain chips business in Nigeria with the assurance that it will operate well more profitable.

This is the complete guide how to start plantain chips business in Nigeria. If you have further question, ask using the comment box below.

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