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Ifu Ennada apologizes for saying she makes N5million a day


Ifu Ennada apologizes for saying she makes N5million a day

Ifu Ennada apologizes for saying she makes N5million a day

BBNaija Reunion, Ifu Ennada BBNaija reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has apologized for claiming that she makes N5million everyday through her sales business.

Ifu Ennada revealed she makes N5million in a day during the 6th episode of the BBNaija Reunion show last night.

Her words were found to be unbelievable by almost everyone in the house. One of those who couldn’t hide the disbelieve is Ahneeka who reacted almost as if she wanted to pass out.

Her reaction almost caused a fight between her and Ifu.

Well, it seems Ifu Ennada has realized that it is not only Ahneeka that didn’t buy her N5million story but the whole Nigeria, hence an apology on social media.

“Guys, that 5million naira talk err, no be as e be o, make una forgive me abeg. Sales dey bring better money, but I no know when I talk my future projection. –“

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