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“Ladies, 6 Things That Can Make A Man Lose Interest In You”


“Ladies, 6 Things That Can Make A Man Lose Interest In You”

That’s it. No calls. No text. No visit.

Another day is over without his usual calls to check up on you.

You raised the issue with him, but he gave you a load of excuses on why he has not been calling as usual.

In fact, you have been the one calling lately.

And you can’t help thinking…

Is he losing interest or just busy?

Hmmm! Sister, it is time to wake up.

There are telltale signs of a man losing interest in a relationship and in this article, I will deal with 5 of such signs.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

1. He is an “apartment renter” and not a “home buyer”

There are people who rent houses and those who buy them. Some men are like people who are looking for houses to rent. They are just looking for “ladies to rent”. They are not looking for a long-term relationship. They only want a lady who will be there to satisfy their needs for the meantime.

Some people who are financial buoyant can buy a house. Such people are not looking for houses to rent. Likewise, there are men who are looking for women to marry and not ‘rent’.

If your man falls into the first category i.e. the “apartment renter”, he will lose interest in you very fast because he is just renting your “space”. When he is done with you, he will move on to other available “spaces”.

Are you dating an “apartment renter,” or a “home buyer,”?

2. He cannot chase someone who is behind him

This one will sting, so get ready ladies!

Some men are achievers. They are gunning for the top of their profession. They are professionally certified or reading to get certified. They are running one course after the other either offline or online. Most men who are achievers always love their women to also tag along educational or otherwise.

And you are there sitting down with your Diploma, HND or Bachelor’s degree. You are satisfied with where you are. You have no plans to move forward in your professional career. You are done with education!.

Perhaps, he has even advised you on several occasions to up your game, but you are just comfortable with whom you are and where you are.
Hmmm! This is a recipe for your man to lose interest in you very fast.

3. The dude has his eyes on a new “hottie”

Remember the apartment rental I mentioned above, most of them don’t stop renting. They will go to other fine places to look for newly built modern houses that are modern.

Some guys are like that too. They are constantly searching for slaying ladies in their office, entertainment places, school, etc. Whenever they get a new lady, they lose interest in you very fast.

The truth is, men are fired up with the thrill of a new chase. He will stay with you for as long as there is no other option in sight. But as soon as a new opportunity arrives, you become an old story.

4. You are not a “ride or die”

A ride or die” means you are a liability and not an asset to your man. Your man will evaluate your value based on what you bring to the table. He will consider the value you are adding to his life and goals.

If instead of improving his life, you made it bitter; you are not adding value to his life.

If he feels that you are not beneficial to his life and his dreams, he will pack his bags mentally and follow suit physically in no time.

5. He has eaten the forbidden fruit

Call it old school or something else, I still believe in no sex till after marriage.

When there is nothing to look forward to in a relationship, it is boring.

When, instead of keeping yourself, you freely give yourself to your man for as many time and he wants, it will be boring. It is a matter of time, it will park up.

6. You turn him to your ATM

This is common. In fact, most ladies go into relationships because they need someone to take care of their financial needs.
Once a man comes into your life, you automatically become his responsibility. You want him to be responsible for your daily upkeep, your pocket money, your recharge cards, your school fees, etc.

This is the reason you see many young and upwardly mobile men running away from dating relationships. They can’t cope because of incessant demands from ladies who have turned them into an ATM.

It is time to wake up and start doing the right thing.

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