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Nollywood mourns again as popular producer dies


Nollywood mourns again as popular producer dies

Nollywood mourns again as popular producer dies

Nollywood mourns again as popular producer dies

Paul Emema, the popular Nigerian producer of soap operas including ‘Behind The Clouds’, has reportedly died.

The producer of `Behind the Clouds’, Paul Emema, died at 52 after a brief illness.

The producer, who is known for producing soap operas like ‘Behind the Clouds’ and ‘Supple Blues’, was confirmed dead on March 12.

According to Pulse, Mr Emema’s death was announced by one of his friends and colleague, Francis Onwochie in a message.   “Yesterday, I received a call from Ada, his long-time business development officer.“I called Mahmood Ali Balogun, our mutual friend and we both visited his house last night at Ago Palace Way Okota,” Mr Onwochie said.

Mr Emema a scriptwriter, director, and producer, whose ailment was undisclosed, in time, became a point of reference in film making.   A film maker, he came to limelight after the production of the hit soap opera, ‘Behind the Clouds,’ for the Nigerian Authority Television.

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He later went ahead to produce ‘Supple Blues,’ which was well received by the television audience.   Mr Emema’s biggest movie production was the biopic on Reverend Father Tansi, which featured Jude Orhorha and Francis Onwochei.

His death is coming eight days after the death of Tony Anyasodo, who passed away on March 7.   The producer’s death makes it the sixth in Nollywood in recent times.

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