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Posting picture of my new house was not to show off –African China


Posting picture of my new house was not to show off –African China

Posting picture of my new house was not to show off –African China

Posting picture of my new house was not to show off –African China

Recently, African China, whose real name is Chinagorom Onuoha, had to reply a troll on a social media platform. The Mr President crooner had uploaded a picture of his uncompleted building when an Instagram user advised him to complete the building before showing it to the world. The musician immediately replied the troll, which is not his usual practice. However, when Saturday Beats had a telephone chat with him, he noted that his aim of uploading the picture was to motivate the younger generation.

“I was trying to motivate the younger generation to know that hard work pays, it wasn’t to show off. Young men that go to a club to pop champagne are motivating others the wrong way. It is my social media page; whatever I do there is my business. I uploaded the second picture to make them know that a lot of money has been put into the building because the cost of building a house these days is much; it’s not an easy feat.

“I am motivating them to invest in valuable things, like houses. Some of these young guys stay on the Lagos Island; they drive expensive cars but they still live in rented apartments. When their money is gone, they will start blaming the government.

“While I was growing up, it was old men who engaged in performing rituals, but these days, young people do these things the most. This is not what we want,” he told Saturday beats.

African China is popular for using his songs to address societal issues, and when he was asked if he would release a new song about the current situation in the country, he said he had talked about most of the recent happenings in his old songs.

“There is nothing for me to talk about; most of the things happening in the country right now have been mentioned in my songs. Nigerians are not ready for the truth. I have sung about the soldiers, poor salary and the well-being of Nigerians in the past,” he said.

Asked if he had the intention of going into politics, the musician said.

“Yes, I have thought of going into politics. When some of the young politicians came on board, I got motivated, but something inside me told me it was not yet time. I had to ask myself questions like when is that time going to be? But I have not received an answer yet. I am still waiting because I know these are the young ones that will effect this drastic change. I want to see a time when votes will count. That is why I will keep advocating through music.

“I am supporting the younger generation in the next election; I was very impressed when I saw a lot of young people contesting in the upcoming elections. I am tired of this old cabal. Most of them do not want to leave power; the youths have to participate.

“The current musicians are not doing enough when it comes to producing songs; they are scared. To sing my kind of songs, you need facts,” he told Saturday Beats.

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