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Prostitute Reveals How She Cries Sometimes During Cex With Clients


Prostitute Reveals How She Cries Sometimes During Cex With Clients

The desperate struggle of prostitutes who sell cex for as little as £5 just to be able to afford basic needs has been revealed. In a shocking video, one of the women describes the grim reality of her work as she says she sometimes cries when she is with clients.

For the price of a McDonald’s meal deal, cex workers soliciting on a busy route through Handsworth, West Midlands, will offer up their services to passing clients because they are addicted to hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine.

The shocking reality has been highlighted by Imran Hameed, who works within various communities across the city to highlight controversial topics.

He says sometimes the working girls are so desperate they will charge as little as £5.

“Cex alone would be £20, but they would accept less depending on how bad they want drugs. Lots of people exchange drugs for cex as well.

“They would take £5 if need be, that would buy a wrap of drugs for a quick hit or mamba.”

He added that the women will have an average of around three to five clients every night and earn around £50 – £100 per shift.

The details come after two prostitutes working on Soho Road revealed the grim reality of working on a busy Birmingham street.

In the shocking video above, the girls speak candidly about their work and how hard it can be.

The working girls explained how rape, robbery and assault is commonplace as they solicit on the road, but that they continue just for the drugs.

For the women, it is all they’ve known through their adult lives as one admits having worked as a prostitute from when she was a schoolgirl.

One of the women reveals she has been selling cex for money since she was just 16-years-old. She is now 34.

A smaller prostitute then tells how she sometimes cries during cex with her customers.

She said: “Sometimes, I cry. Sometimes when I’m having cex with a customer, I’m crying and they can see I’m crying, but the dirty b****** just carry on.”

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