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See How This Beautiful Lady Was Dumped Just Because She Is A ‘Good Girl’ And Not A Runs Girl


See How This Beautiful Lady Was Dumped Just Because She Is A ‘Good Girl’ And Not A Runs Girl

A lady on Twitter has revealed how she was dumped by a prospective boyfriend just because she is a good girl and not a runs girl.

Read her story below;

“Over the weekend, i attended Davido *s Axe Launch party full of big boys and the rest. A guy walked up to me and said… Hi girl, How’re u? And me feeling myself like no tomorrow replied, i am fabulous. He sat with me and we started talking about life, work et all Issa thread

I told him all he needed to know about me so questions won’t be more than action because I was already feeling like I was in a toasting class. Lol

Suddenly he asked *Do you know so so club? And I replied No and he went on saying *why won’t you know that club, don’t you go out?

I kept my cool and smiling. Next thing he asked again *Are you a church girl* *Oh, so you aren’t even bad and wild* *How can u be this fine and not bad* *so you don’t do runs* immediately he mentioned the runs part I was like, bros what’s the problem really? Why are you ranting?

And he was like, sorry I can’t date you if you are a good girl cos you people have wahala. I want to date a very bad girl who has done all I listed above so that she can know how to handle me. And he concluded, sorry my dear you are a good girl so, i apologise for chatting u up. My complete soul was full of surprise like which kind one chance is this one now? Me that was looking forward to having a good night has just been rejected because he thought or felt I am too good to be dated but rather he prefers them bad?

What is this life turning into?

That was how he ended the relationship that we haven’t even started just because I didn’t know one club and haven’t done runs before. I never knew any man would want to date a girl who’s into runs and also comfortable enough 2 tell him that she does it. You men need Jesus. Gosh

Anyway my sister, wether you are in2 runs or you live inside church, this is to let you all know that when God says it’s your turn, your exact category will locate you and u will be happy ever after

And to that bros, i am actually a bad girl but just wanted to act good so DM me”.

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