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Sensational Discoveries about Victor Moses Background (See Photos)


Sensational Discoveries about Victor Moses Background (See Photos)

Do you know  family background? He’s a star at Chelsea football club and everyone knows him in Nigeria but a lot of people do not have any idea of what he went through as a child. He had a hard life back then, in Nigeria.


Victor was born in 1990. His family originated from Lagos but later he and his parents moved to Kaduna state. Victor’s father was a Christian priest. His name was Austin Moses. Victor’s mother, Josephine, used to help her husband however she could.

They managed to make it through somehow for 11 years. Then, a catastrophe happened. Little Victor has been showing his interest to football since the childhood. He was playing football somewhere with his friends when it all happened.

There was a riot in Kaduna state when Victor was 11. Christians and Muslims had something against each other. The riot was accompanied by huge devastation and numerous victims. Among them, were Victor’s parents. They were murdered brutally by the rioters while the boy was away.

This is how it happened that the 11-years-old child appeared seeking an asylum somewhere abroad. He needed a safe place to stay in, his friends could not hide him forever. The boy was sent to England, to a foster family that brought him up as their own child.


There’s very little information about Moses’ foster family. Now, looking back at the past years, Victor says that his own parents would have been proud of him, of the man he has become if they had only seen him. This is true, everyone would be proud of a son like him.


Mrs Egharevba, John Egharevba, John’s girlfriend and Mr Peter Egharevba Image source:

Now, there are some very controversial information saying that Victor’s parents are still alive and that he has a brother and a sister!

The mass media set it like the boy was wanted to play football for a big English team. He could not fulfill this dream in his homeland and this is why his parents arranged a flight to England for him alone, pretending that he’s seeking asylum from religious persecution.

It’s said that when Victor got married to his long-term girlfriend, his parents and his brother were present at the ceremony. It’s said that Victor’s father is Peter Egharevba, the now retired Nigerian football player. His son John (allegedly, Victor’s brother) is also a football player in the past who now works as Victor’s personal assistant in the UK.

The girl named Eki who’s said to be Victor’s sister was reported to get married in 2016. There’s no more information about her or other Victor’s alleged siblings. Victor himself is said to be known as Blessing Igbinijesu Egharevba until he was sent to England and renamed by the foster father.

The information is just so controversial to be taken as it is… what do you think, can this story be true?

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