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Seyi Law slams troll over presidential candidate


Seyi Law slams troll over presidential candidate

Seyi Law slams troll over presidential candidate

Seyi LawNigerian comedian, Seyi Law has put a troll in his place after the latter came for him on social media.

The troll had taken to Seyi’s comments section to slam the comedian for campaigning for those he claims are the country’s looters.

Not one to be disrespected, the funnyman put the troll in his place telling him he was unable to buy a house under Goodluck Jonathan’s regime but did just that under Buhari’s regime.

He wrote,

“One of the reasons, I didn’t disclose my Presidential vote is because of some ignorant people. If I said I voted Atiku, they will say I wanted looting to come back like this one right here and if I said it was Buhari, many we would say I am supporting poverty.

“Every administration comes with it’s own mistakes. During Jonathan’s term, I was comfortable because I believed spotlight was on entertainment and the industry grew, but a few benefited massively. Buhari’s tenure brought more money to the business, but outside poverty put a lot of pressure on entertainers and many capitalised on it doing giveaways to gather more followers.

“I decided to help secretly in Dms and some of the beneficiaries can attest as I believe poverty shouldn’t be used as a tool for fame. People’s dignity must be protected even if some lack respect in themselves.

“I have congent reasons to vote Buhari and also have enough to vote Atiku as the other candidates are not even ready yet. In all, I voted my choice and did you vote yours? Let’s learn to learn from each rather than attacking ourselves over people more concerned about themselves.

“The Buhari you are fighting for doubted his wife’s loyalty so who are you please. From unverified source, they claimed Atiku lost at home, do you know him more than his people?

“Minding your business and self will guarantee better living. Next lever or getting Nigeria working again, the most important thing is a BETTER NIGERIA for Nigerians.
God bless you”.

See screenshots below.Seyi Law
Seyi LawSeyi Law

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