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Tboss’s fanpage slams her for shading CeeC (Screenshot)


Tboss’s fanpage slams her for shading CeeC (Screenshot)

Tboss’s fanpage slams her for shading CeeC (Screenshot)

TBoss, CEECLast night after Double Wahala housemateCeeC broke the internet after revealed that Alex and Tobi had sex after the BBNaija show at the hotel in South Africa

Reacting to this revelation, See Gobe BBNaija housemate, TBoss took to her Instagram story to subtly shade CeeC.TBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEECTBoss, CEEC While Tboss was busy shading Cee C, her fanpage, “Tbossarmy”, was praising Cee C.

The fan page called out their idol in their post.

They wrote,

“Any woman that cannot stand this woman right here is either suffering from low self esteem or inferiority complex..yes I say so, ceec is the strongest woman I have ever seen…..this people consistently come for her like raging lions and as soon as she tries to defend herself you come for her and you call yourselves “women” damnn you but am done ?”

Trouble had started after Alex broke down in tears on the reunion show and Tboss, reacting to the incident, took to her Instagram story to offer support to Alex, who she calls her boo.

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