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Top 20 Most Busiest and Biggest Markets In Nigeria


Top 20 Most Busiest and Biggest Markets In Nigeria

There are many markets in Nigeria. Many of them are known to be more busier than others. These markets are the largest markets in Nigeria. I will share with you in this article the top 10 busiest and largest markets in Nigeria.

Top 20 Most Busiest and Biggest Markets In Nigeria

1. Onitsha Main Market

State: Anambra
This market is no 1 in this list of the busiest markets in Nigeria. The market renders many services and have many products. You can get any type of product from this market. Many people visit this market from different parts of the country.

2. Oshodi Market

State: Lagos
This market is located in one of the most industrious zones of Lagos. It is known for it’s giant size, affordability and rowdiness.

3. Balogun Market

State: Lagos
This is a large market that sprawls across many streets found in Lagos Island. This is also the best place to get bargains on different types of fabrics. Ankara, office wear and shoes among many others. You can bargain in Yoruba and Igbo dialect.

4. Ariria International Market

State: Abia
Ariria of Aba is normally called the China of Africa. In this market, many product replicas are manufactured and sold. Even though this market is tagged to make and sell very cheap products, they continue to operate.

5. Alaba International Market

State: Lagos
This market is among the most popular in the suburb of Lagos. This international market sells its assorted electronic products and engages in direct importation from manufacturers within and outside the country. They are also engaged in distribution and CD marketing.

6. Idumota Market

State: Lagos
This is no 6 in this list of markets and they are one of the oldest markets in Lagos. They open from and close by 5pm on a daily basis. The market is known for unending activities. Majority of Nollywood distributors have their offices and shops in the market where they sell music CDs and home videos in bulk.

7. Kurmi Market

State: Kano
This is one of the largest markets and it was founded by a King in Kano known as Muhammed Rumfa within the 15th century. The market got it’s name from a known Nigerian football team and they market all types of products that are made by artisans.

8. Ogbete Main Market

State: Enugu
This is the largest market in the coal city state and the no 5 in this list. The market is engaged marketing products and majority of retailers within the state normally get their stock from Ogbete Main Market since marketing is done there at a cheaper rate.

9. Oja-Oba/Orita Merin Market

State: Oyo
This market is no 9 in this list and they are known as the King’s market. They are also among the largest foodstuff market in the ancient Ibadan city.

10. Oil Mill Market

State: River State
This market found in Port Harcourt is also known as the Wednesday market and they began to function in Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt after the Nigerian Biafran War. The former name of the market was Nnempi Market and they trade mainly on palm products and cassava. The market have become daily market zone while the main days for marketing is the busiest.

11. Jos Main Market

State: Plateau
This is the largest indoor market in West Africa. It is beautifully designed and arranged to prevent aimless walking of customers in the market.

12. New Market

State: Abia
Aba is known for two large markets and among them is New Market. Thousands of sellers and buyers come to this market on Sundays. However this market is muddy and water logged in the rainy season.

13. Nnewi Nkwo Market

State: Anambra
The location of the market is Nnewi. Nnewi is often referred to as the Japan of Africa. The location is the second largest urban region in Anambra State and the market is held once in 4 days.

14. Bodija Market

State: Oyo
This market is located in Ibadan. There are many home items, foodstuffs and other items sold and this is usually affordable.

15. Computer Village
State: Lagos
This is known to be the busiest IT hub in the West African subregion and they are located under the bridge axis of Ikeja Lagos. This particular market was once residential. The market became a gadget home where mobile phones were introduced in Nigeria. Today, this market is a technology village where the villagers deal on computers, phones and accessories. The Minister of Information and Communication Technology said the Computer Village generates up to $2 billion for the Nigerian economy.

16. Mile 12

State: Lagos
This is known as the most cost effective and hot bed market for foodstuffs and farm produce. The market is crowded and dirty before but has been reconstructed to become a cleaner market. The market nevertheless is noisy.

17. Alade Market

This is among the most organized market in Nigeria. The market is reserved for the rich who are not fond of shopping in malls. The market is known for trendy and glamorous items.

18. Onyingbo (White Sand)

State: Lagos
The location of the market is at Yaba axis in Lagos. The sister market is Iddo and they are known for traffic jams in the Onyingbo area. There are many commodities like livestock and foodstuffs.

19. Aleshinloye Market

State: Oyo
This market is located in Ibadan. It remains one of the most visited markets in the Ibadan axis and the oldest trading hub in Western Nigeria.

20. Zaki Biam Yam Market

State: Benue
Benue State is known as the Food Basket of the Nation. The market is known for it’s large numbers of yam tubers. The market normally opens to only the sellers and buyers of yam. The buyers from different parts of the region gets in touch with different farmers including other first hand marketers to buy yam in large quantities. This happens to be the best place to purchase yams at a very low cost as a majority of the sellers cultivate yam.

The state happens to be the largest yam producing state and Zaki Biam takes records of up to an average sale of 1.5 million tubers on a yearly basis. Yam is consumed by majority of Nigerians and this tuber crop can be bought at a better price at the Zaki Biam market. The market remains among the largest markets in Nigeria.

21. Abattoir Meat Market

Where Meat Dealers can be found, this is a large market where cows, sheep, cattle etc are sold and slaughtered daily, Raw beef and live Cows in avoidable price, even in half of the money you will get it elsewhere. You can also get Ponmo, livestock in wholesale price and agriculture & farms product, food


Oko Oba Agege Lagos

Nigeria Nearest Bus Stop:

TabonTabon Agege and Oja Oba Abule egba

Contact Phone:


Contact Person:

Alhaji Amodu

22. Arena (The) Market

Some of the top fashions stores in Lagos are found inside The Arena Market get your make up kit, Cosmetics, Soup ingredient, food stuff, Fruit etc. Electronics at unbelievably discounted prices, The biggest Curtain and Bed Spread Repair all electronics and electrical appliances A lock-up shop at the complex cost N300, 000 per annum, while lease for five years goes for N1.25 million. Rental values for lock-up shop ensuite cost N326, 000 per annum, while the open stall cost N55, 000 per annum. Space for warehouse goes for N421, 000 per annum, while service charge in the shopping arcade ranges from N4, 000 to N5, 000 per month. Address: Block 18 – 20, Arena Army Shopping Complex, Military Cantonment, Bolade Bus Stop, Agege Motor Rd Location: located at Bolade, Oshodi area of Lagos to provide an ideal shopping complex for citizens and foreigners alike.
Phone: 01 810 3193
Nearest Bus Stop: Bolade, Oshodi under brigde and Brown Street These are the must biggest and as well the most busiest markets in Nigeria. If you have any question or suggestion, you can use the comment box below.

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