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Top 4 Nigerian Presidents Who Changed Nigeria


Top 4 Nigerian Presidents Who Changed Nigeria

Controversy, hate, fun and happiness is the simplest watchword to describe Nigeria. Everyone is suffering and smiling, but during the course of time, few people made a great impacts in the progress and downfall of Nigeria.

Let’s take you for a ride, into our mind blowing, heart flowing and greatest discoveries ever.

1. Yar Adua

The name Yar Adua rings a bell every time, because his contributions to the growth and development of Nigeria was cut short too quickly by "DEATH" .

Yar’adua who took over from, former President Olusegun Obasanjo on May 29, 2007 died before the completion of his four years office tenure. The news was a brute shock to nation at large. His notable achievements are:

The Niger-Delta Amnesty Programme which revived hundreds of youths in Nigeria. Those that took arms against the state were disarmed peacefully.

2. Goodluck Jonathan

The most hated Nigerian president.

"No Nigerian Blood Is Worth His Political Ambitions"

Goodluck Jonathan was simply the best president after the late Yar Adua. He was the vice president to the late Yar Adua administration. One of his notable achievement was:

He conceded defeats in the lights of ensuring the safety and progress of every Nigerian, void of ethnic, religious and propaganda conflict. His loud actions quickly gained him recognition globally.

3. Olusegun Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo became a notable enigma to be reckoned with, when he successfully became the president of Nigeria straight out of prison, and was able to retain his position longer than any other presidents thereafter. 

His tenure brought about progress and leveled changes to the continuity of the country directly and indirectly.

Obasanjo established the EFCC and ICPC and also strengthened the Code of Conduct Bureau to fight corruption in Nigeria. This was the dawn of peace and the rebirth of criminals negotiating with the force.

Nigeria was crippled with debts, but his adminstration secured $18 billion debt relief from the Paris and London clubs and got Nigeria free of debt.

4. Mohammed Buhari

Crime busting, crime fighting is what his administration is known for. But aside this attributes, let's show you other achievements :

- tax revenue increased to N1.17 trillion in the first quarter 2018, a 51 per cent increase on the first quarter 2017 figure.

-revenue tripled from N700 million in 2015 to N2 billion in 2016, and again rose to N3.5 billion in 2017.

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