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Top 4 Strange Things About Germany

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Top 4 Strange Things About Germany

From bizarre, to creepy, Germany features all. The most creepy culture and daily life practices can be found only in Germany. Ride with us, as we take you on a long deep journey into the strangest Top4 things about Germany.

1. You Are Paid 0.25€ For Keeping The Streets Clean

Imagine getting paid to recycle plastic bottles?. Strange right? , but in Germany that’s a normal culture and practices by the government.

They pay citizens 0.25€ to keep the streets clean and neat 24hrs. The government even stepped further in providing automatic machines to collect the plastic bottles.

2. You Can Drink Alcohol In The Public

Imagine buzzing alcohol in the public without any government restrictions?, yes! That’s a norm in Germany.

At the age of 14, you are permitted to drink alcohol and wines alike. Imaging visiting Germany for the first time, and everyone is walking dead drunk and sober?. That must be a very strange encounter.

3. Weird Baby Names Are Rejected By The Law

Forget the fancy baby names parents always dream about. In Germany, the government have every rights to decline a weird baby name.

Next time you are going to Germany, be careful of your baby name.

4. Prostitution Is A Legal Business

The most fascinating facts about Germany is the free will to prostitution.

In 2002, a law in Germany recognized prostitution as the oldest profession. Everybody have easy access to sex legally or not.

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