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Top 5 Fascinating Sex Secrets About China


Top 5 Fascinating Sex Secrets About China

Sex is probably one of the most discussed topics in the world, with over 450million monthly views porn sites receive from adults and young ones alike all over the world. In fact, sex is secretly a thing of beauty and joy to some people, even the most religious people on earth love engaging in it.

Wait!, possibly that’s why China decided to capitalize on this booming market. For that reason, have decided to write a topic about it.

Top5 Unheard Sex Secrets About China

1. Guangzhou Sex And Culture Festival

Millions of men stand in a queue to participate in this festival. there are various forms of entertainments provided for spectators to enjoy, like Pole dance by beautiful models, discounted sales of condoms, special DVDs and the opportunity to take pictures of hot semi-nude models.

reports state that the open act was criticized by many, while the majority was in support of the new China.

Hopefully, would be present in the next festival

2. China Adult Care EXPO

This EXPO is simply for adults education and awareness regarding the act of sex. The EXPO features various varieties of sex dolls, sex enhancing equipment for both male and female satisfaction.

Millions of people[Adults] go to the EXPO, to either fulfill their sexual desires or to learn something new about sex. Anyway, China surely knows how to keep the people entertained.

3. You Can Soon Buy Artificial Intelligent Robots For $20,000

The thoughts of having an intimate conversation with sex robots would surely surprise a lot of people, as this new developments might sound funfilled to the majority of the people who seek for extra fun.

You can communicate with this intelligent sex robots through a Bluetooth application, and they might even be more intelligent than humans because they would be preinstalled with almost all the necessary facilities to stimulate pleasure and fulfill your sexual fantasy.

4. Sex Equals To Business

The discussion of sex-related contents would be disregarded as people are shy to talk about it, rather they prefer to indulge and enjoy the action.

You might be amused to know that, China produces 3 quarters of the world intimacy gadgets. It is a multi-billion dollar business.

5. Introduction Of Talking Sex Dolls
Would you be able to predict accurately that, in the future sex dolls would eradicate the gap of wanting a real-life female companion?.

This sex dolls will fill massive gender gap in China and the world at large. China has 33.6million more men than women in a population of over 1,416,119,499billion people, approximately 18.54% of the world population.

The introduction of smart sex dolls will fill the gap of fewer women availability

The sex dolls would come with advanced features just like a girlfriend/wife would or rather still a more advanced capability of both.

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