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Top 5 Most Expensive Drugs In The World And Diseases They Cure


Top 5 Most Expensive Drugs In The World And Diseases They Cure

Your chances of survival can be estimated at approximately 10%, even if you are extremely careful with your standard of living, food intake and immediate surroundings.

Health issues like a headache can be cured for free by government-owned hospitals in some continents.

In most cases, the cost of treating victims with rare diseases might be so expensive, which might eventually run a well-established government agency down in a short period of time.

it’s a known fact that some Special drugs used in managing rare diseases have proven to be more expensive than some self-acquired luxuries or investments combined.

The research found out that some people would rather move on to the afterlife than lavishing money on some expensive drugs, which might eventually choke them to death someday because the chances of survival are below the limit of zero.

1. Glybera ($1.2 Million)
(434,124,000.00 naira)

Glybera is the trade name of Alipogene tiparvovec developed and marketed by uniQure.

This gene therapy treatment is not approved in the US — the overwhelming cost rate might be the only possible reasons associated with the US not approving the drug use among its citizens.

Europe approved the legal recommendation of the drug which was endorsed by European Commission in 2012, it is used to treat lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD), a rare inherited disorder which can cause severe pancreatitis.

As of 2016, only one person had been treated with the drug. uniQure also announced in April 2017, it will not be renewing the marketing authorization of Glybera in Europe complaining of lack of demand.

2. Luxturna ($850,000)
(307,504,500.00 naira)

Luxturna is a trade name for Voretigene neparvovec, a gene therapy for the treatment of Leber’s congenital amaurosis

It was developed by Spark Therapeutics and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

This is the first gene therapy to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is considered by some people as the most expensive drug in the world due to the low demand for Glycera.

3. Ravicti ($793,000)
(286,883,610.00 naira)
Glycerol phenylbutyrate (trade name: Ravicti) is a drug manufactured by Hyperion Therapeutics (now Horizon Pharma) used for treating toxic ammonia in the blood, for people with urea cycle disorder.

Ammonia is very toxic in the blood and tissues and can lead to permanent brain damage, coma, or death.

To treat this life snatching disease, you would have to give out a whopping $793,000.

4. Soliris ($7000,000)
(253,239,000.00 naira)

Soliris is the trade name of Eculizumab, a medication used for the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS).

It is developed and manufactured by Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. in America.

In October 2017, it was certified to be able to treat adults with neuromuscular disorder generalized myasthenia gravis (GMG) who are anti-acetylcholine receptor (AchR) antibody-positive.

This is probably a mouthful of medical jargons and we wouldn’t like to bore your precious day with that — research it.

5. Brineura ($700,000)
(253,239,000.00 naira)

This was drug developed by BioMarin Pharmaceutical as, team would rather call this drug “save a child with $700,000” drug. Ok we know, we are so bad at jokes grin .

Cerliponase alfa (marketed as Brineura) is a drug used in treating Batten disease, which is a form of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.

The disease is an uncommon disorder (inherited) that affects the nervous system. It usually manifests in early childhood (5-10 years) with symptoms like seizures. The victims of this disease often require the use of a wheelchair or a walking aid, by late childhood and most do not survive past their teens.

The amount a patient or their family pays for Brineura treatment is affected by multiple circumstances, including manufacturer support.

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