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‘Top Ten Abhorent Rules In Covenant University That Must Be Changed’


‘Top Ten Abhorent Rules In Covenant University That Must Be Changed’

The Adooh and Marilyn case has revealed some of the absurd rule system that goes on in Covenant. I hereby use this opportunity to also call for the recall of Marilyn Effanga from expulsion but let anyone in Covenant uni that is without sin be the first to cast stones. she had sex but didn’t commit it in school. I’m not sure what penalty she was given but considering CU and her antecedents i would wager it was expulsion.

Covenant university with an average NUC accreditation score of 90.48% is by far the best Nigerian university academically speaking. It is also one of three Nigerian universities founded before 2010 that has never lost an NUC accreditation before. The others being AUN, PAU . It also has the highest rate of investment on education according to NUC and the highest research output/size – Elsevier

However some very choking rules exist in Covenant University that NUC has a matter of urgency must clamp on. Why? CU serves as a model to private universities and if all religious schools adopt the CU model we would have a dangerous situation on our hand in the next few years.

Note: These rules/experiences do not apply to Covenant university Post Graduates. CU is unarguably the best place to run PG studies. But be very certain if you are going for BSc.


1) All students/lecturers irrespective of religious affiliations must go to church. Punishment for chapel default ranges from suspension to expulsion. It is unclear if there are punitive measures for lecturers.
b) Not bringing bible to church is also sanctionable.

2) No student is allowed to use SIM enabled devices(Phones) 

3) Islamic holidays are disregarded – Usually almost all Christian schools in Nigeria acknowledge islamic holidays and allow their community to rest or even travel to felicitate with their loved. But CU folks are denied this priviledge enacted and backed by both the constutution and presidential order.

4) Christian holidays are disregarded – Easter comes and CU will force everyone to attend youth alive by winners chapel. Folks are prevented from going home. Punishment for violation is suspension to expulsion.

5) Exeat Required To Exit Campus: Students are required to make detailed application to student affairs before granted right to leave campus. At certain times people have been denied exeat for weddings of siblings, visiting sick parents etc.

6) A War Against Traditional Wears And Songs: 
The student handbook doesn’t prevent this but there has been an halt in student being allowed to wear traditionals. Traditional songs in church have also come under attack.

7) No Peaceful Protest Allowed – Punishment ranges from suspension to expulsion.

cool Sexual Activities Outside Campus Are Sanctioned. 

9) The University handbook permits the university the right to invade your privacy
and search your belongings or devices for incriminating materials such as Porn or past sexual escapades.

10) Secular songs, “ungodly music”, are banned in Covenant, Parties are also banned with the exception of picnics which is often monitored by

1, 3,4,5,7,8,9 are potentially in violation of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria


1) Virginity and HIV test conducted by university – Vice Chancellor, Prof. Obayan was summoned by Education Minister and the practice was discontinued.

2) Students suspended for not bringing bible to Church. It’s unclear how the case ended.

3) 200 students expelled for not attending a certain departure service where the chancellor was angry. Halls were searched subsequently at about 10:00PM in the night, students in a bid to escape the search team started jumping from one window to the other on the fourth floor! Expulsion letters were dished out to students caught at about 4 – 6AM in the morning. The expulsion verdict was in breach of the prescribed punishment stated on the handbook and was lacking of any hearing stated in the handbook. NUC later intervened and the explusion was reduced to letter of warnings.

4) Students were once expelled for making noise during a football match. Apparently the chancellor warned them repeatedly after which they were expelled for not listening… I don’t know if an appeal was accepted.

5) Rumour Alert: A student was once suspended for using two straws to drink coca cola – it is unclear whether this is true or not. But it was a popular rumour in CU.

6) Muyiwa Oludayo, current registrar once led a team to cut student trousers on the streets that were not compliant. While i cannot independently verify this one. CU students have a reputation for wearing trousers that do not reach the ankle which has been an issue between management and student.

7) Dean, Student Affairs, Timothy Anake a clearly disturbed individual led a team to cut the hair of hundreds of boys for misbehaving in faith tabernacle.


1) Rules are relaxed for international students #Hypocrisy Some are allowed to have long hairs, other males are allowed to keep jelled hair. An American accent can keep away SDC in CU grin

2) Results are sent to parents with or without student permission – i don’t really have a problem with this really.

3) Student council members are imposed by the school.


The problem of Covenant University is the Seven core values which is absent of LOVE. Love, Mercy and Forgiveness are values alien to Covenant university. When you remove love and mercy then christianity is unrecognizable. Covenant university can become the world’s best university if it wants but if it continues to abandon the important tenet of love then it has no value.

Covenant university: A time ago i witnessed two 500 level boys of CU blasting the idea of Christianity and making tremendous arguments against God. Most serious christians around that place just flee because those guys were dangerously intelligent. It made me sad that most Christians there were running away rather than engaging them. I did engage them though.

Now the interesting thing is the boys appeared to have become Atheists on CU campus. Secondly a friend told me before leaving for a university in Canada that all the services he has been forced to attend is enough to last his entire lifetime therefore he won’t go to church again.

Now CU failed because we didn’t focus on the right message. CU teaches you well when it comes to conquering the world, daring the impossible, making exploits. But messages on love, mercy, grace, charity(also important) were not propagated as radically as it should have, therefore we created a campus of spiritual but loveless beings.

Covenant is an highly annointed university, despite her shortcomings. I knew that clearly because the Holy Spirit led me to that school. My initial plan was to attend a prominent Christian school in the US, but God wanted me in CU. I am forever proud of that heritage, in that though i struggled it gave me the opportunity to encounter Christ.

The reassignment of Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare to CU marked the period of an intense move of the Holy Spirit. It was so intense that people who would rather hide under the bed than go to church would come to church with enthusiasm. Drug addicts and Porn addicts in their numbers would come and repent on the alter in brokenness. Some boys would complain bitterly that their lovers were no longer agreeing to have sex because they had gone with the move on campus. That was revival inspired by fire not by control. Infact Victor gave people the choice to come and came they did.


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