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Uche Maduagwu reacts to MC Galaxy’s video of Etinosa going nude


Uche Maduagwu reacts to MC Galaxy’s video of Etinosa going nude

Uche Maduagwu reacts to MC Galaxy’s video of Etinosa going nude

MC Galaxy, Etinosa Idemudia, Uche MaduagwuSince MC Galaxy’s live Instagram video of Etinosa Idemudia’s emotional breakdown went viral, the singer has come under heavy criticisms for his action.

Controversial actor, Uche Maduagwu shared his thoughts on the viral video and according to him, MC Galaxy did a bad thing.

He asked if it were to be MC Galaxy’s sister on the call, would he have ended the call?

Uche wrote,

@mcgalaxymcg Be a man, and APOLOGIZE, or wouldn’t you have ended the LIVE video if it were your younger sister going NUDE???

Omg, what is all this now? @mcgalaxymcg If you LIKE, beg me from now till tomorrow, i will NEVER help you to promote any of your SONGS again if you don’t apologize to @etinosaofficial,? because this is not fair at all,

Omg, someone just showed me the video of Etinosa, JESUS,? everyone who knows this poor girl will tell you its not in her character to going NUDE on social media,? so its either she was DRUNK or experiencing emotional breakdown,?

@mcgalaxymcg instead of coming out to give unnecessary excuses as if we are all FOOLS,? just APOLOGIZE like a gentleman… OK, let me ask you this question, if it were your own younger SISTER that came on your live video and was about to go NUDE, would you have ended the live video or continue watching her BREAST???

He further wrote to Etinosa to beware of any man who sees her going naked in public and refuses to to cover her up.

He wrote,

“@etinosaofficial Any man that sees you NAKED, yet, refuses to cover your SHAME is a disgrace to manhood…??

Omg, I’m so ANGRY right now, is it that the KIND of men we raise in Nigeria today have totally lost their sense of reasoning that they don’t know when to behave like gentlemen??

This lady was having an EMOTIONAL breakdown, according to the video we saw, its obvious she was confused and felt the world had abandon her,? in her state of CONFUSION, she mistakingly got into a LIVE video with someone that is supposed to be a “celebrity”,? someone who should be morally upright,

@etinosaofficial was going completely NUDE, but this same “celebrity” refused to end the LIVE video,? until @etinosaofficial NUDE video went viral, now she is CRYING, and in pains,?

her CAREER is on the line, because so many people will start judging her by the VIDEO they saw…? just because someone refused to do the morally upright thing by ending the live video…?

this SAD story happened to @etinosaofficial, what if she was your SISTER or relation?? Lets say NO to inappropriate BEHAVIOR from MALE celebrities in Naija…?

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